Let us find you the perfect diamond! Let us know what's most important to you, start here! - Team Tesoro

What's a Diamond Concierge, you ask?

It's simple. We learn about you. We discover what's most important to you. We guide you with an educated approach and then we put our expertise to work in finding you the perfect diamond! Diamonds are like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike and each has it's own unique characteristics. While you can learn a lot on the internet, there are just some things that all the reading in the world can't give you, an expert in the marketplace who has spent years in the study of knowing a beauty when they see one.

Here's the thing about diamonds. They can be perfect on paper and lack luster in person and of course, vice-versa. Some things you have to see to believe and only a true expert can explain to you the reasons why. All of the diamonds listed on our website have been hand selected for their beauty and quality so we've made it easy for you to buy quickly and with confidence. But, if you are interested in taking your diamond buying to another level with an expert to walk you through each stage from education to purchase, let's work together! Schedule an appointment in person, via phone or web or video chat. This is the first step...take it! - Team Tesoro

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