DIAMOND & DESIGN BAR and Private Showroom
Schedule an Appointment & Let's Break out the Bubbly! - Team Tesoro

What's it like to visit the Diamond and Design Bar?

It's fun! Come with an idea or none at all! You get to try on styles you never knew existed and learn a little something in the process. We guide you with an educated approach and then we put our expertise to work in creating you the perfect piece of jewelry. Much like our diamond concierge service, this process is all about understanding what speaks to you. Jewelry is an extension of your individual taste and style, it should reflect who you are. What better way to make that statement then to create jewelry with a personal, private style guide!

Do I need an appointment to visit the Diamond and Design Bar?

No, you don't! Feel free to visit the Diamond and Design Bar whenever we're open. But (there's always a but) having an appointment is the best way to get that personal attention! We'll know a little bit about you and set the stage for your visit. Either way, we're excited to meet you.

Welcome to the world of custom curated and custom made jewelry! Take your experience to the next level with individual attention and next level education. Tell us a little bit about yourself below and schedule your private session today! This is the first step...take it! - Team Tesoro

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