Welcome to the world of jewelry!  It's a fun place to be. 

There’s a lot to think about, isn’t there?

Let’s cover the basics.  What’s on everyone’s mind…yes we believe in sustainability!  Yes, we only source Conflict Free Diamonds.  We even source sustainable Lab Grown Diamonds!  Yes, our diamonds are certified.  And yes, we recycle metals!  Phew, I bet you’re glad to know all that. 

But these days, jewelry isn’t just jewelry.  There’s more to it.  Let’s explore a little.

Jewelry is a blend of nature, science, technology, art, craftsmanship and the knowledge to understand it all. 

Nature creates the beauty that we craft into jewelry.  It includes everything from the metals we use to the natural diamonds and gemstones we covet. 

Over the years, just as technology has changed everything else in our lives, jewelry is no different.  Without technology, the modern jewelry industry wouldn’t exist. 

Technology gives us the ability to create CAD imagery and three dimensional prints of our custom jewelry designs.  We can bring your ideas to life in ways we never could before!  And modern technology can teach us about one of nature’s most incredible treasures, the diamond.  It allows us to make the most out of its beauty with exceptional cutting practices, It also allows us to look deeper into these gems and grade them more precisely.  We can even laser inscribe your diamond. 

Science and modern technology have perfected the art of creating beautiful laboratory grown diamonds that have all the same physical characteristics as a natural diamond, but they’re grown by choice, instead of by chance.  We think there’s room for everyone in our modern family, so we’re welcoming them into the fold.

But let’s not forget about the artists among us.  The creatives who see what others cannot, those who create and inspire!  Artistry is what turns these natural and new materials into the works of art that we proudly create, share and wear. 

And craftsmanship…that hard won handiwork that goes into making these gorgeous pieces is no small feat.  Sometimes you have to travel half way around the world to find the right person for the job.  And we do that.  Sourcing the right skill for the right piece is as much of an art form as crafting the piece itself.

What about the old treasures you may ask?  The vintage works or a dated piece form a decade gone by?  This is where the art of “Re-Imagining” your jewelry starts to take shape.  It’s a specialty of ours. Use your imagination.  That old piece of inherited jewelry can take on new life with a little bit of creative ingenuity.  Diamonds and gemstones can be “Re-Imagined” back to life.

The last piece is the most important.  Knowledge.  Knowledge is the understanding of how all of these pieces complement each other and work together.  And that’s what has led you to us.  We’re here to guide you every step of the way. From navigating the technology to understanding what works best for your lifestyle and budget. 

There is much to consider and we can help.   

Our model is different, we are not your classic jewelry store. Years of expertise backed with a modern approach to jewelry shopping will bring you an unparalleled experience…oh yeah, and did we mention, its fun. 

Love to shop online? Our redesigned online shopping experience takes the guesswork out of buying a diamond.  Choose the setting that speaks to you and let Tesoro Boston go to work.  That’s what experts are for!  Gone are the days of trying to choose from hundreds of online diamond options. Our hand-selected diamonds are GIA certified and carefully chosen for their beauty, quality and value.

Prefer a more personal approach? Experience our Diamond Concierge Service! Schedule an in-person or virtual appointment at our Diamond and Design Bar! 

Making personal, custom jewelry is what we do best.  We encourage you to bring your ideas to the table.  If you need inspiration, browse our galleries.  If you happen to find the perfect piece along the way, look no further, it's yours! 

Our bespoke services also include our exclusive Diamond Concierge Service, our one-of-a-kind Diamond & Design Bar and Style Showroom and Custom & Re-Imagined Jewelry.  We also offer Professional Jewelry Repair, Insurance Appraisals, Estate Valuations and Gold and Diamond Buying Services.  Tesoro Boston is your go-to destination for first class jewelry services.

No matter which method you choose, we provide you with a level of customer service unmatched in the industry. Whether you are shopping for the engagement ring of a lifetime, a gift for that special someone, or a treat for yourself, this will be a unique shopping experience.

Welcome to the world of jewelry.  It’s a fun place to be! 

-Tesoro Boston  

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